How to light a stove

Before you start using your Kent Heating Solutions wood burning stove, there are a few useful things to bear in mind.

The first couple of times you use the stove, keep the fires small to allow the paint to cure before making larger fires.

The air control settings, lighting methods and the firing intervals will vary depending on the chimney draught, the wind direction and climatic conditions, the heating requirements and the fuel being used. Therefore, it may take a while before you are completely familiar with how to operate your stove correctly under various conditions.

Although you can use your Kent Heating Solutions stove with almost all kinds of wood, you should not use wet or green wood. Wood should be stored under cover for at least 1 year, and preferably 2 years, and open to the air. Wood should be chopped as soon as possible after felling if it is to dry quickly.

Use wood with a maximum moisture content of 20%. Using a moisture meter will ensure your wood is of the correct moisture content.

Impregnated wood, laminate and chipboard may emit poisonous gases and fumes and should therefore not be used as fuel. Logs with a diameter exceeding 100mm should always be split.

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